At Key-Lix, "We make the world a Healthier, Happier place by unlocking the health of animals". We go above and beyond to source the highest grade ingredients, and pride ourselves in crafting the finest supplements on the market. Our product is engineered to not only be the healthiest for your animals, but the healthiest for your wallet.

The Key-Lix Story

Key-Lix began in 1941 when Parley Winn bought a small feed company called Farmers Exchange. Farmers Exchange served its customers by selling various milled goods including flour, rolled barley, chopped barley, dairy feed, laying mash, and coal.

With business booming in the late 40's, Parley saw the need for a much larger facility. This led him to the purchase of a nearby property previously used as a theater and dance hall. With extensive renovations, Parley built that old dance hall into a brand new feed facility.

On May 20th, 1958 tragedy struck. A fire sparked in the boiler room of Farmers Exchange, burning the business to the ground. However, Parley was determined to rebuild his business and continue serving his customers.

Parley continued serving his customers in the rebuilt mill until his death in September of 1960. Parley’s son Archie Ray Winn took charge of the business, and continued running the mill with the help of his mother Shirley.

In 1980, Ray moved the plant to its current location in smithfield. Ray saw new needs in the supplement industry, and began the production of Key-Lix Low Moisture lick tubs in 1990.